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Un grande progetto di vino e arte contemporanea

Arteliquida is a project where art and wine meet each other creating new shapes’ and tastes’ identity every year. Arteliquida is not merely a label, but a visual expression of the many aspects belonging to the wine’s world, emphasizing wine research ( with the contained) as much as the artistic one ( with the bottle). This wine springs from the friendship between the producer Alessandro Griccioli and the artist Eugenia Vanni; they keep taking care of and enriching the project with new ideas and collateral events every year. Every time the label thought by Eugenia changes shape and meaning, so that each project is truly unique.

Arteliquida 2006

ARTELIQUIDA Edizione 2006

The label shows a costellation made by all the geographic points where the wine is produced and it explains us its history and its journey; in someway the picture is a projection on the sky of what happens on the earth. Arteliquida looks like a costellation made by all the places that made it.
Arteliquida 2007

ARTELIQUIDA Edizione 2007

The label reinterprets the bottle’s and glass’ concept intertwining them in the very same shape wich is an empting upset bottle and a straight refilling glass at the same time.The shape ( whose matrix is hand-painted ) shows with its multiple nature the meaning of drinking and the plesaure that follows this simple but also complex action which leads torward so many discoveries: the wine’s discoveries.
Arteliquida 2011

ARTELIQUIDA Edizione 2011

The moon and the land: the contemporary artwork by Eugenia Vanni shows instinctive thinking, an image of moon which is actually a mosaic. This is linking the old knowledge of how the phases of the moon affect the wine making process and when we transfer the wine inside the old cellars.

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