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Guitar Festival

Tenuta Montechiaro

Alessandro Griccioli has the honour of being the founder member of the "Siena Guitar festival" Committee, which, thanks to the stage management of Michela d'Alessandro and Flavio Boltro, organises a concert every year with the most famous international artists of the jazz world. Montechiaro Estate sponsor of:


Siena Guitar Festival

04 GENNAIO 2013


Damiano Fineschi - Balen Lopez De Munain - Lino Patruno & Michele Ariodante - Roberto Cecchetto - Flavio Boltro

Damiano Fineschi

Damiano Fineschi was born in Siena in 1990, he has just graduated from the "Istituto superiore di alta formazione musicale R. Franci'' with M° Duccio Bianchi, obtaining the greatest mark. Damiano has won many national and international competitions, he has improved his cultural baggage studying with Oscar Ghiglia and Leo Brouwer, famous international artists. In 2009/10/11 he was accepted at the Chigi’s Academy School of Siena.

Balen Lopez De Munain

Balen Lopez De Munain comes from Bilbao, in Basque Country. He graduated in guitar at the Bilbao’s Conservatory. At the end of ’80 became an exponent of World Music. From the end of ’90 Balen Lopez De Munain had started to work on a project based on Basque music, with Salvatore Maiore duble bass player and cellist, Geoff Warren flutist and Joxan Goikoetx accordionist.
The critics recognise the originality and the refinement of the repertoire that is composed by traditional music and other Basque authors. He has also performed with artists like Franco Morone, Máirtín O'Connor, Kepa Junkera, Maria Moramarco e Uaragniaun and Alboka Basque band.

Lino Patruno

The experiences of Lino Patruno ranges from jazz concert to cabaret, from theater actor to movie actor, from movie scriptwriter to filmmaker. Lino Patruno had started him career in 1954 in a jazz band, one of the first bands that play in Milan. In the ’60 founded with Nanni Svampa the "Teatrino Dei Gufi" (Little Theatre of Owls), the first example of Italian cabaret inspired by the French one.
At the beginning of ’70 with Nanni Svampa, collaborated with RAI realizing "Portobello" a TV program.
He had song and recorded with many famous jazz artist like Bud Freeman,, Bill Coleman, Eddie Miller. With Pupi Avati had wrote the script of the movie "Bix" that had represented Italy at Cannes Festival in 1991, looking after the sound track.

Michele Ariodante

Michele Ariodante started him studies like self-educated and only later attended the S. Cecilia Music Academy in Rome, where was graduated in classic guitar. At the same time had improved him jazz’s knowledge. He is one of the most experts of guitar in classical jazz (Eddie Lang, Dick McDonough, Carl Kress, George Van Eps. He graduated in Literature with thesis on Etno- musicology.

Roberto Cecchetto

One of the new, greatest international voice of guitar. He was born in Milan in 1965. He had collaborated with Paolo Fresu, the Japanese artist Gak Sato, Gianluca Petrella and Enrico Fava, who invited Roberto in him band Electic Five. During the last years he stood out in the Jazz wolrd, like the best artist in the Top of the Music Jazz magazine. Today teach guitar at Siena Jazz and Civici Corsi in Milan, he published with Riccardo Bianchi a book on guitar for Master Jazz.


Siena Guitar Festival



Fabrizio Bosso - Marcio Rangel

Siena Guitar Festival

04 GENNAIO 2014


Franco Cerri Duo - Jimmy Villotti - Irio De Paula - Falvio Boltro - Marcio Rangel - Antonella Vizzi
Ospiti della 4edizione Siena Guitar Festival 2014:

Franco Cerri

Franco Cerri, a living legend of Italian and international jazz, celebrated and appreciated all over the world, his presence, with his legendary guitar and his extraordinary meekness and timidity human, equal to its artistic grandeur. In Italy no other musician can boast a career as long and prestigious as that of Cerri, who is considered one of the pillars of Italian jazz. Known throughout the world, is a character who enjoys enormous popularity among the general public and is still present in the shared memory of our Paese.Il Master, and his legendary guitar, which he attributes to the real musical soul confessing : "You you think the music you hear and applaud you for both your. Desired and decided by you…. nothing more false. day after day you realize that it is all and only his voice. his, guitar leading in her lap. taxable and if you pretend to bend it to your will, you lose. E’ was a fight with her nonstop. You are in his hands, while the arpeggios with your pride, and try to ingraziartela with ballet illusion of fingers. "Poet of the guitar, musician, lofty and extraordinary man."

Jimmy Villotti

Jimmy Villotti is a guitarist of international renown, master of the art of the swing, which has spanned three decades of music without undergoing any kind of constraint. Born in Bologna in 1944, he approached the music from an early age, first playing the piano and then the guitar. With great artistic personality, synthesis and expression harmonica, has for years been the ideal partner of the leading Italian artists such as Lucio Dalla, Francesco Sinatra, Ornella Vanoni and Blanche Dubois, but especially with Paolo Conte, who has forged a long and successful professional association, so that the singer has dedicated one of his most famous songs, "Jimmy dancing." Since the early nineties, Villotti performs as a soloist, favoring its truest and deepest passion , jazz and began to devote himself to writing, telling himself and his Bologna in several publications. His latest book, "All’ with God" (Hoepli Publishers, 2006), is the story of a search, the sense of time, hope and faith, a secular prayer of a great musician.

Irio De Paula

Irio De Paula is an amazing guitarist, with technique and feeling transcendent (matched only by his modesty of a man!) That suggest a master, or rather, "the Master" by all the musicians (not just guitarists) who "work" in the Brazilian genre. All his music (instrumental style, composition, sense of rhythm) comes from the purest and most authentic Brazilian-born-cies (carioca is: born in Rio de Janeiro) and ranks full nell’ere-ity Brazilian cultural similarly where jazz, whose roots are the same, is located in the cultural heritage African-American. IRIO DE PAULA is use streak of jazz folk music of his native country and confronting other assets in which the folk tradition of African-American and the South American meet and grow together. IRIO DE PAULA literally shines in bossa, samba in, touching ballads in every song with passion and with refined style , so as to make even the oldest and most abused songs such as " Garota de Ipanema", "Dindi", or "A’ felicidade" as fresh as the spring flowers. On all tracks, from Jobim and Lobo those of his composition, he gives the mark of his personality , expressing as soon as moved with contagious effect, his irrepressible joie de vivre, and the slow ones, his world introspective and melancholy. " (S. Angi)

Special GuestFlavio Boltro

Talented and brilliant musician, Flavio Boltro is considered one of the most important trumpeters in the contemporary jazz scene, a former member of the sextet of Michel Petrucciani. In ‘98 is quoted by Wynton Marsalis, one of the best trumpet players in jazz world. He scored one of the most interesting periods of international jazz. Among his collaborations include: Petrucciani, Bireli Lagrene, Ron Carter, Joe Lovano, Richard Galliano, Gino Paoli, Cedar Walton, Danilo Rea, Bob Berg, Fabrizio Bosso, Don Cherry, Bollani, Wynton Marsalis, Cerri, Rava. The famous singer Carlos Santana Alex Ligertwoog, joins Flavio Boltro in his latest album “Joyful” incredibly energetic and positive.

Marcio Rangel

Marcio Rangel is an extraordinary Brazilian guitarist and composer. Left-handed, like Jimi Hendrix before him, Rangel plays guitar “backwards”, ie using a standard right-handed guitar by playing it upside down. The result is, well, a sound more powerful bass and smooth in the treble, which develops its innovative way of playing lines, chords, fingerings, arpeggios and the different techniques of the instrument getting a guitar sound unmistakable. These features, combined with a pure talent, the candidate to pick up the legacy of legendary guitarists brasiliani. Compositore of the first order, his original compositions are of great lyricism, and rare aesthetic beauty, which, with cohesion and personality composition, adds new colors, with harmonies and complex rhythms and, at the same time, melodically accessible at first listen. His eclecticism leads to a universal language that embraces a wide range of musical styles, incorporating influences from many cultures, which are combined with a superb technique and sensitivity uncommon. As a composer follows the path of an evolution in Brazil, without ever losing the roots, the essence and imagination of a people that has music in her DNA. A Brazil in which Rangel embarks on a musical journey, then back again fresh and lively in its composition. It is also frequent guest of the major national and international festivals. He has performed with top artists of the international scene, such as Bireli Lagrene, Frank Vignola, Joao Nogueira, Tommy Emmanuel, Monte Montgomery, Hermeto Pascoal, Elza Soares, Acoustic Strawbs, Bendy Pastorius Band, Darryl Jones, Tuck and Patty, Greg Cosh, Stephen Bennett, John Renbourn.

Antonella Vizzi

Began studying guitar under the guidance Maestro Marco Borghini with which he graduated as a private at the Institute MusicaleMascagni of Livorno. Nellostesso year she majored in Performing Arts Disciplines, musical direction, at the University of Pisa with prof. Francesco Giuntini on the topic “The golden mean in music. Illustrated in the works of Dufay and Debussy. ” Later he obtained a diploma of II degree in Music under the guidance of Maestro Flavio Cucchi at the Istituto Mascagni in Livorno with a thesis on the guitar by Vicente Asencio, following a period of research at the Institut Valencià de la Música in Valencia, Spagna.Successivamente get a bag of the European program Leonardo da Vinci to return to Valencia to continue the study of Vicente Asencio and disseminate his work for guitar. He attended master classes of Maestro Oscar Ghiglia, Manuel Barrueco, Eliot Fisk, Carlos Bonell, Odair Assad, Flavio Cucchi, Nuccio D’Angelo, Lorenzo Micheli, Matteo Mela, Bruno Battisti D’ Amario, Julius Tampalini, Victor Villadangos, Atanas Ourkouzounov, Luc Vander Borght Spagna.Ha in Italy and played under the direction of Maestro John Del Vecchio with whom he collaborated on the Missa Criolla by Ariel Ramirez and was invited to perform by actor Andrea Buscemi in his television program “city Lights” broadcast by canale50 Sky.Parallelamente solo activity and has performed in various formations and chamber ensembles and has given concerts perl’Istituto Mascagni in Livorno, Theatre Pacini, of Pescia (PT), the season in St. Francis Music Pearls of Pisa, the Youth Section of the Association Musicale Lucchese, the Company Amigos de la Guitarra de Valencia.She has been teaching since 2007 and is Professor of Guitar at the middle school musical of the province of La Spezia.

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