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Joss Stone

Il featuring con Montechiaro

On 24 of July 2013 is coming out the new video “The Love we had (Stays On My Mind)" by the famous English singer JOSS STONE, the star of soul and R&B, with the partnership of Montechiaro Estate.
Our Primum Vinum is an essential part of the video, which has 6 million of visualization on Youtube and Vevo.

Joss Stonethe queen of soul

Joss Stone (Jocelyn Eve Stoker,11th April 1987) is a British singer and actress. During her career she sold 14 million CDs all over the world becoming one of greatest album sellers and finest soul voices of Britain today, receiving four nominations and one Grammy Award. She has performed with musical legends like James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Patti Labelle, Mavis Staples, Donna Summer and Smokey Robinson. Joss was also a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show and lead star in two Gap commercials. In 2005 she singed in front of 200,000 people at the London Live 8 Show.

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The Love We Had video

The Video “The Love We Had(Stays On My Mind)" is is the music video for Grammy-winning Joss Stone. The Volume 2 song “The Soul Session”, praised by critics, is a cover of R&B The Dells's song (USA 1971). Joss makes the song her own, giving us a beautiful melody full of her harmonious soul voice.
Surviving members of The Dells sung its praises. Ten years after the first album "Soul Session", which Joss recorded at the age of fifteen, this latest release demonstrates her artisitc maturity with an extraordinary expression of power, passion, and spirit.

Video Behind the Scenes

MontechiaroPrimum Vinum

The music video tells the story of a broken love. The sharing of this lost love is symbolized by one bottle of wine with two glasses, a record player, some photographs inside a flat. All beautiful things of life don't make sense without love. , The wine bottles, the glasses and the photo frame, they all explode at the video's climax, while a pouring rain floods the flat. The rain represents the melancholy, but at the same time the rain washes away the suffering of a finished love. The wine isn't represented as a pleasure, yet it becomes an essential element of the story, like a symbol of the lost love.

Video Montechiaro ft. Joss Stone

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