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Wedding at Montechiaro, summer 2017

01.01.2018 || Comments

A+L Wedding at Montechiaro, Siena by Federico Pannacci

Sometimes this kind of life give you some incredible surprise! As a wedding photographer, lot of my experience are based in tuscany, from to sea to chiantishire or the mountains of north tuscany.
I took wedding service everywhere here in tuscany, and also this time, the life of destination wedding photographer gave me this wonderful chance to discovery a new place close to my house, 5 minutes of car! Incredible!

Montechiaro it’s an amazing countryside place with Farmhouses and a beautiful Villa in the middle, they produce wines (very good wines) and oils (very good oils) by their endless vineyards and olive fields, here you can breath the real atmosphere
of our forefather and it was so special for me work here for a day. Thanks also to Alessandro, the owner and also a good and passionate photographer for his help during the day and excellent food he gave  me.

Only two special people can had the idea to have their intimate wedding here, close only to their families and closest friends; all the experience about this day, sounds in mi mind as simply amazing! The right cut for my soft and natural approach to my idea of love and people.

Ah, an important thing, when you will see in my pictures below a beautiful landscape with a  town at the sunset, that town is Siena and view you can have from this place about Siena!


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