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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

IGP Toscano Olio EV Oliva Biologico
Coreggiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo
Olives: 2000 trees
Packed: bottles da 0,500 and 0,250 l; cans 0,250-0,500, 1-3-5 l TASTING NOTES Colour: Intense green
Scents: Primary scents of fresh artichokes, yellow apples, grass (freshly cut)
Taste: It opens densely and seductively on the tongue, the bitterness is well harmonized with a delicious spiceness.
Vegetable: fettunta garlig bread, panzanella Florentine salad, ribollita, pinzimonio raw vegetable, salad
With meat: tagliata(sliced rare meat with parmesan and rocket)
With fish: cold sea food with potato salad, oven baked fish with aromatic herbs, crustaceans, steamed fish
PRODUCTION CYCLE Harvest: Hand picked from the beginning of november
Crushing: Continuos within 2hours from the picking in the company, cold pressing under 27°
Extraction: Centrifuge at 23°C through decanter
Storage: In stainless steel tanks

The Tenuta di Montechiaro, in the heart of Tuscany, overlooks the ancient town of Siena. The estate has been producing olives since the year 1760. Today, after fifteen generations, 2000 olive trees grow at Montechiaro; the most profused variety is the Coreggiolo, which renders a very sweet, creamy and buttery olive oil. Other varieties include Leccino, Felciaio and Moraiolo which lend the balance that creates the full-bodied flavor of the best Tuscan extra virgin olive oils. These olives are harvested by hand between the months of November and December when they are still slighly inder-ripe. The olives are immediately pressed in a modern "Frantoio" (olive mill).

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