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Montechiaro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016 - Orders on line!

03.11.2016 || Comments

Greeting from Montechiaro,

November has arrived and the Holiday season is fast approaching. Here at Montechiaro we have begun our olive harvest and the first press of 2016 has been bottled! As always the quality is excellent and the product is 100% organic. Anyone responsible for cooking a special holiday meal or who needs a gift for a foodie should purchase a bottle before we run out! The following link is to a recipe for Rebollita, a traditional tuscan soup that goes perfectly with fresh olive oil. http://bit.ly/1RtKQ3p.

We are also proud to announce our 2016 Vendemmia (Italian grape harvest) is complete. The grapes have fermented and turned to wine! And we can now say that 2016 will be a particularly good year for our sangiovesse. As always we emphasize quality over quantity at Montechiaro. Keeping with tradition this year we harvested entirely by hand! It took almost two weeks and we are happy to finally have wine to show for all our hard work. Our 2016 wines will once again be 100% organic and made only with grapes grown on our own vineyard. Feel free to follow us on facebook and twitter to see some beautiful pictures from the harvest, or if you would just like to stay in touch. We hope you decide to celebrate the holidays with the happy memories that come with our products.

If you would like to make a purchase in Europe you can follow the link to our new online shop. http://bit.ly/2e4MGul. For shipping to the US, you can respond to this email with your order.

Best wishes and happy tasting from the entire Montechiaro team. 

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