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2018 Harvest in Monte Chiaro !

01.10.2018 || Comments

The 2018 harvest has concluded for the Montechiaro team. We started picking grapes on September 12th, and we finished on September 24th. All made by hand! We have amazing quality as well as quantity this year, especially compared to last year which was very hot and dry. 

Since we are an organic winery, it is always satisfying walking through the vineyards. You see all sorts of creatures that have made our vines their homes. We saw many bugs and lizards, and we even have a family of birds that call our vines their home. Sure, it is a lot more work being focused on organic practices, but when you see things like this, it is worth it.

It was a fantastic year for the Sangiovese grape at Montechiaro. The bunches were extremely full and the flavors had reached full maturity. The berries are plump with juice and they are perfectly sweet. The acidity is high as well. This will make our wines from 2018 deliciously fresh when they arrive to you in the upcoming years.

There are not many places more beautiful than a vineyard. Every different season has something to offer. They each have their own challenges. A vineyard is living and breathing and this is why every year offers different wines. At Montechiaro, we try and create the best expressions of our wines, using what the year has given us. 2018 is no exception.

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