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Montechiaro imagining a Thanksgiving menu

08.11.2018 || Comments

The 2018 year is slowly finishing, here in Montechiaro, the grapes harvest has been done and olives picking has just started. We are really happy with this year which has provided us with a nice vintage that we look forward to presenting you, however patience will be required…  But, more than anything else, this is sign of end-of-year reunions with our beloved families and friends sharing warm and convivial moments! Thanksgiving is the first one on the list, so we have decided to imagine a wine-pairing Thanksgiving menu…


Montechiaro’s Thanksgiving menu
Starter – Arteliquida Bianco
Burrata, fried sage leaves, Carta di Musica, Montechiaro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
First course – ‘345 Chianti
Acorn Squash with Mixed-Grain Stuffing, Montechiaro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Main course – 2015 Primum Vinum 
Red Chile, Black Pepper and Orange Glazed Turkey
Garlic roasted potatoes
Parmesan roasted carrots 

Dessert – 2010 Vinsanto
Pumpkin & Pecan pie


For an unforgettable experience, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day to all!

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