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February 2020, our second USA Wine Trip! by Seila Bruschi

Our adventure started in the last 26 February when the idea of a pandemic emergency was too far from our daily life. We - has traveled for 20 days - visited 10 US states - took 10 flyghts - rented 4 cars - cooked for 157 wine-guests - visited 6 TX wineries - saw 2 whale shark - drink 47 soft sparkling coke drinks - opened 168 bottles of wines!

We has found real friends and an authentic warm family affection. One experience that we cannot forget!

CA - Thanks to @Theresa Van Doren Prouty for the second funny reunion in Ladera Ranch and Laurie and Chris, our hosts, for their hospitality

TX - Thanks to my QUEEN Verona Privé and for the best days i never had in USA. The best view of Dallas, unique wine trip, incredible Tuscan and Puertorican cooking class, and the best Napa wines of her cellar. I cannot forget our trip in Fredericksburg with your rock wine-"sciamano", Steven. Mi mancate tantissimo!!!Thanks to you now I’m so proud of my new boots! VIP club members has my mom and beppinas Lasagne and the best Tuscan guide (me

TX - Thanks to @MikeBuzzard for the great welcome, professional team and the reunion of his best wine enthusiast friends.Welcome in our Wine Club!

NC - Thanks again to Andy Wrenn and Megan McDonald Wrenn for their hospitality in their new elegant apartment. We hope to have you again in our club now that Meg can enjoy again wine! Thanks to Jonathan Leake and Kris Petrovski Leake to have been again with us, we cannot wait to have in our club and create 21-may 40-years-old unique wine tour!

FL -Thanks to Howard Kaslow and Brigitte for their hospitality and business support. Your Turtle Garden and the FL paysage have enchanted us. We appreciated your help in the kitchen, one of the best collaboration we never had! We hope to visit you soon again and we wish you good times. Remeber that your guest has finished all our wines!!! You need a refill

TN - Thanks to Jeff and @TracyLyash in the most charming estate of the TN. One of the best view of my life. One paradise with the game room of my dream. Thanks to John Norris to have created this reunion of real friends and wine lovers. Moreover, thank you Jeff for the super whiskey lesson . John is the moment to do good stock at home for hard times…waiting to visit me in the Cantinetta di Monteriggioni - Montechiaro Organic Wine Experience! Take care of you and be safe all in Utah!

GA – Special location and Spanish menu for our organic wines in Atlanta with Zubin Meshginpoosh and Tara Jordan Thanks for the Atlanta tour, the amazing restaurant and the wine you choose for us. Surely the best of Georgia! Thank to your accommodation I have realized one of my dream in the Acquarium (and I’ve spent so much money in the Cola Cola museum!). We have definitely fallen in love in the Atlanta skyline! We are so proud to have you in the club and we hope to host you soon in Tuscany again and celebrate your anniversary.

IA – Amazing time in Iowa with Angie Jacobsen and her sweet family. Steven has become one tiramisu expert, i see a future chef! Angie has got up at 4 in the morning to find us the last 2 mask of the state! Grazie Angie, we cannot forget your protection and hospitality, I want definitely to stay again the hydromassage room! We want you and your lovable sister Susan Smith in our wine club!

NJ – Family atmosphere with Karen and her sons. Lovable guys, super team in the kitchen, Italian lovers and …great sprits lovers! Thank Karen for the opportunity and the amazing addition dessert. I remember one of the best carbonara of ever!

MD – Thanks to Margaret and Mark for this second reunion of best friend and relatives. The link beetween people here are very strong. We can breathe warm feeling and a positive vision in the future. The sensibility of Margaret and the great culture of Mark mae me full of hope. I love Baltimora and I feel Hapden finally as a second house! Here, my new red hat fit perfectly with my military mask, ready to face the unknown.

The memory of my trip are lost in one broken phone. I am able to extract few per time.

The memories of this trip could maintain me positive and alive. We can survive thanks to the people as we met who has been faith in us and who want to sustain our value and mission.

Thanks to feel yourself part of Tenuta di Montechiaro - Organic Tuscan Winery family. Nothing can destroy a real love. I want you in our future! For the moment, enjoy our wines, remember we have a special last reserve for you in USA. Take care of you. Forever grateful with all my heart Seila Bruschi

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What a wonderful time you had, it is through tears that I read this as our dinner was the next scheduled one.... But, I wouldn’t trade your safety for anything... until next time.

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