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March 2020, olive pruning!

At Monte Chiaro Organic Winery, we are all safe and keep working tirelessly in the fields with olive pruning, fruit budding and vineyard plowing, while spring is blooming.

Pruning is considered from many agronomists one of the most important practices for an olive grove. With the right pruning, the farmer adjusts the tree to each specific climatic and soil conditions of the area and increases the levels of the orchard’s productivity.

There are three main pruning types:

Pruning during the early stages of tree growing

The aim of this type of pruning is for the olive tree to develop a shape during its first years of plantation, in order to facilitate all cultural practices (spraying, soil cultivation, irrigation, harvest etc) and adjust to the specific terroir.

Pruning for fruiting

The aim of this type of pruning is to maintain  the fruiting zone vigorous and active.

Rejuvenation pruning

This type of pruning is achieved by cutting the tree at the main branches or even at its trunk. The most significant practice though is to return during the next months and remove by hand  the shots that will be of no use , in order to achieve its longevity, a characteristic that the olive tree is well known for.

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