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Like Alessandro --Sommelier, photograper and chef -many of us cannot live without pasta. This box is for organic wine, truffle and pasta lovers!


Each shipment contains:

1 Monte Chiaro - Arteliquida Bianco 2021

Arteliquida Bianco is a great SuperTuscan white wine, the only one that blends a French vine, Viognier, with Tuscan grapes, Malvasia and Trebbiano, and with the Manzoni Cross (Riesling and Pinot Blanc). Ideal for chicken, pesto pasta, truffle and mushroom.

1 Monte Chiaro AD'345 Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva 2019

Our Riserva does justice to the territory by highly selective, limited production of only the best Sangiovese grapes from three single cru--the vineyards of La Scuola, Le Fonti and Il Capanno--the choicest terroir of the estate. Delectable now with rich, flavourful foods, wild game and herbal cheeses, it can also continue to mature in bottle for five more years.

1 Monte Chiaro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 - can 500 ml

Of our 2000 olive trees the most profuse variety is the Correggiolo. This yields a very sweet, creamy and buttery oil. Other varieties including Leccino, Felciaio and Moraiolo, lend a full-bodied balance to the distinctive Tuscan taste.

3 Artisanal Monte Chiaro Organic "Pici" Pasta

A newcomer to the Monte Chiaro range, this version of a traditional Sienese speciality lifts the production of Pici (pronounced "peachy"), a chunky type of spaghetti, to an exceptionally high quality. Hand rolled with organic local flour and eggs, our peachy Pici go perfectly with Ragu' or meat sauce, while our Tagliatelle--flat noodle strips, a more famous form of pasta--mix well with pesto or tomato sauce. A packet of 500 g can feed 4-5 people.

1 Pecorino with Chianti Wine, 450 g

The flocks of sheep roaming Tuscany's hills and the vineyards of the region's heartland produce Italy's finest Pecorino and its most famous pairing, of which Chianti was the original flagship. Our organic cheese range offers a combination of these emblematic Tuscan products in the form of firm-textured ewe's milk cheese tinged with Chianti. Grate it for pasta and soups and to complement salads and starters. Slice it to savour with honey, jam, fruit preserves, fresh vegetables or fruit, especially pears and figs.

1 Pecorino with Truffle, 450 g

An incredible gourmet composition of sheep's milk and local white truffle by Forme D'Arte to serve with salty Tuscan prosciutto and dried figs. Perfect for dessert with honey and chocolate.

1 Black Truffle-flavored Olive Oil dressing, 180 ml

The "Pregiato" black truffle is the most prized of black truffle varieties. It exudes a scent reminiscent of undergrowth, strawberries, wet earth, or dried fruit with a hint of cocoa. Its delicate peppery taste develops fully with gentle heating. This dressing is particularly good with dishes based on potatoes, pasta, pizza, pork fillet and roast meat.

1 Organic Tomato & Basil Sauce 180 g

This is based on the organic tomato EVO and the original giant Valdichiana garlic famous for both its size and the intensity of its taste.

1 Organic hand made Pesto Sauce 180 g

Roberta Pesto is the authentic Tuscan recipe. She grows big basil, original Valdichiana Aglione, and organic Olives. The secret of his incredibile flavors is to use The mortar to press and to add aged Tuscan Pecorino. Perfect for Pici and homemade pasta. Remember a bit of anchoves paste to experiment the farmers culture.

1 Wildboard Ragout, jar 180 g

The wild boar (cinghiale) was a traditional mainstay of Tuscan cuisine in Renaissance times, now rare to find. Our Rosalia reproduces her grandmother's historic recipe braising the ragu' in a sweet and strong mix of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper, pine nuts, nutmeg, vinegar and raisins. Add honey to achieve a secret Sienese touch.

1 Truffle and Porcini Pasta's Mix, 90 gr

Based on Aglione, black Truffle, dried Porcini and aromatic herbs. Fry in EVO oil and add Parmesan flakes.

1 Bruschetta Spicy Mix, 90 gr

The essential spicy Bruschetta mix.  

Combine tomatoes, basil, garlic and sprinkle this mix liberally with salt. The salt will help draw out the tomato juice and make your bruschetta more flavoursome. Arrange bread on a platter, spoon on the tomato mix and serve immediately. In Tuscany, the  fettunta is usually served without toppings, especially in November, to taste the first oil of the season.

MonteChiaro Holidays Food Box, for Wine & Pasta lovers!


  • What is inside the box?

    1 Monte Chiaro Arteliquida Bianco 2022

    1 Monte Chiaro Organic AD'345 Chianti Colli Senesi Riserva 2019

    1 Monte Chiaro Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022 - can 500 ml

    1 Black Truffle Oil, 180 ml

    3 Artisanal Monte Chiaro Organic "Pici" Pasta

    1 Pecorino with Chianti Wine, 450 g

    1 Pecorino with Truffle, 450 g

    1 Tomato, basil and garlic Sauce 180 g

    1 Organic hand made Basil Pesto Sauce 180 g

    1 Wildboard Ragout, 180 gr

    1 Truffle and Porcini Pasta's Spicy Mix

    1 Bruschetta Spicy Mix

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