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12 bottles include: 


- 4 bottles of Chianti A.D: '345 ( Sangiovese 75% + Native grapes)

- 4 bottles of Chianti '345 RISERVA (Sangiovese 100%) 

- 4 bottles of Supertuscan Primum Vinum (Sangiovese 100%)


Autumn, a season of vibrant transition, brings forth a multitude of delights. As the leaves paint landscapes with fiery hues, the crisp air carries whispers of change. Nature offers up delectable seasonal fruits such as apples, pears, and pumpkins, inspiring a traditional cuisine rich in pies, soups, and roasts. Dishes adorned with mushrooms, truffles, and chestnuts grace the tables, accompanied by robust red wines, their intense notes mirroring the depth of autumn. From the earthy aroma of fallen leaves to the comforting embrace of a well-aged wine, autumn invites us to relish its flavors and revel in the company of the table and our cherished ones.


For this selection, we have curated our most iconic wines that narrate the tale of Chianti and Tuscan winemaking. Our '345, crafted from indigenous grapes, offers a refreshing and robust character, ideal for appetizers, pasta dishes with tomato sauce and meat or roasted cheeses. Our Reserve, a pure Sangiovese, boasts a harmonious blend of balance, elegance, and minerality, making it an impeccable match for ribs and roasts. Lastly, the velvety structure of our Supertuscan Primum showcases the fullest fruity and earthy expression of Sangiovese, a perfect complement to a bone-in rib-eye steak. This trio serves as the perfect accompaniment to savor the essence of traditional dishes and celebrate the autumn festivities.



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