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Enjoy the real Tuscan taste with our extraordinary Chianti selection, featuring our elegant Reservas as the perfect complement for your seafood dishes, perfectly chilled at 12 degrees. Immerse yourself in the allure of our Rosé, a delightful companion for savoring with shrimp or carpaccio by the poolside. And don’t forget our versatile white wine, a true ally for pairing with a refreshing basil pesto pasta, to be enjoyed by the sea’s edge. This perfect summer selection will whisk you away to the sun-kissed paradise of Tuscany, tantalizing your senses and embracing your skin with warmth.Indulge in this exquisite array of wines, tailor-made for your summer adventures and crafted to heighten your enjoyment of the Tuscan lifestyle.


12-bottles case includes: 

- 3 bottles of Arteliquida White 2023

- 3 bottles of Rosé 2023

- 3 bottles Chianti A.D. '345 2022

- 3 bottles of Chianti Riserva 2020 or 2021

200 + shipping 


€ 200,00Prezzo
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