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  • 6 bottles of 2021 organic Chianti (75% Sangiovese + native grapes)
  • 6 bottles of IGT TOSCANA SANGIOVESE "SALTIMBACO" – featuring a historic label (100% Sangiovese)

The Chianti A.D. ‘345 stands as our emblem, embodying the essence of Chianti culture through its blend of historic grapes, meticulously preserved for two centuries by our sharecroppers. Its versatile profile harmonizes effortlessly with every moment of the day, complementing vegetable-based dishes like ribollita or spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce, as well as cold cuts, cheeses, and tagliatelle with ragù.

The Saltimbanco is crafted from Sangiovese grapes sourced from a 50-year-old vineyard, and it has been produced solely in two exceptional vintages, such as 2013, to accentuate the varietal's inherent mineral nuances and fruity notes. Made naturally in historical concrete vats, this bottle narrates the everyday tale of wine while unveiling the prowess of our terroir in terms of longevity and the aging potential of our wines.


€ 190,00Prezzo
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