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Join me as we walk you through the journey that brought my family owned, craft organic wines to life. We cover everything from a discussion around the family history, our Siena medieval town and "how to taste wine" fun approach with quizzes and games.


How it works:


1) Shedule a time! After your purchase, we will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule the best available time that works for you.

2) You will receive your selection of wines in 7-10 days. The day of the tasting prepare 3 wine glass per person and open the wines a couple of hours before. Download and print our WINE PLACEMAT.

3) Enjoy the on-line tasting! A private host (Alessandro, Seila, Juliette) from Monte Chiaro Organic Winery will then lead you and guests through a discussion of the wines.

You just need a pc and a smartphone, with good internet connection, you will easily connect with a link. The smartphone is necessary in order to partecipate to our on-line quizzes.




  • What gives wine it’s color? How does oak impact a wine’s flavor? Taste through 3 of our award winning wines and learn how winemaking decisions impact color and flavor!

  • Includes EXPEDITED SHIPPING, perfect for hot weather states and customers with special occasions or deadlines in mind.

  • The 1 hour long tasting is an engaging and interactive conversation with our family, with wine quizzes and active learning!




Togheter with the Tasting Order, you can purchase a minimum of  3 bottles of wine, or more, shipped to your home. 


Our Organic Wines to choose from are:

2018 Anno Domini'345 Chianti Colli Senesi

2017 Anno Domini'345 Chianti Riserva (Red 100% Sangiovese)

2017 Primum Vinum Supertuscan (Red 100% Sangiovese)

2018 Arteliquida Rosso Supertuscan (Red 100% Tempranillo)

2019 Anno Domini'345 Rosato (Rosè Wine 100% Sangiovese)

2019 Arteliquida Bianco (White Wine, Viognier, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Manzoni)


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