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This package features:

- 4 bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil,

- 4 bottles of Arteliquida Bianco - special edition

- 4 bottles of Chianti Riserva.

As summer approaches, fresh dishes like Caprese salad or seafood crudité demand the perfect accompaniment, and nothing captures the essence better than a drizzle of organic extra virgin olive oil, adding a spicy undertone and aromatic flair for an authentically Italian flavor. Fresh seafood platters and green salads, paired with fresh cheeses and accents of mint or basil, harmonize with the nuanced notes of our Viognier-based Arteliquida, boasting citrusy, herbal aromas and a mouthwatering palate with a delightful finish. Italy is synonymous with great red wines, yet nothing embodies the spirit of summer quite like a Chianti Riserva, with its hints of rose, blood orange, and refined tannins, making it the perfect match for a refreshing gazpacho, savory sweet ham, or a decadent cheeseburger. This tricolor selection promises to bring the true taste of Italy to your hom


230,00 €Prix
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