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Gricciòli Family

The Origins


The Origins


Grigio da Barberino di Val d'Elsa, the forefather of the Griccioli family, was born in 1345. His descendants and family members served in the highest offices of the Florence Republic since XIV century and they moved to Siena in 1720. Stefano di Grigio and Orlando di Stefano di Grigio became Priores of the Florence Lordship. 




The Origins

 Castello Di Monteriggioni

Perocchè come in su la cerchia tondaMonte Reggion di torri si corona,Così la proda, che’l pozzo circonda, ...- DANTE Inferno C. XXXI -


The town was built by the Senese between the years 1213-1219, on a hillock dominating and overlooking the Cassia Rute. Its strategic position facilitated the control of the Elsa and the Staggia Valleys in direction in Florence, the historic enemy of Siena, which at that time was rapidly expanding its territory.
Monteriggioni is without doubt one of the most classical and best known Italian walled towns. During the Middle Ages, its considerable fame led the esteemed poet Dante to refer to its ’round enclosure’ in the Divine Comedy (Hell, chant XXXI vv. 40-41).


The walls, which are nearly intact, cover a length of 570 metres and are alternated by 14 towers and two gates. Porta Franca facing Siena and the Porta San Giovanni towards Florence.
The military building work appears physically distinguished from the inhabited area, which, although confined within, was set apart due to the concept of a territory of respect. In medieval times the inhabited area was more extensive than today and consequently had a narrower band of separation. Today the suburbs are essentially authentic. 



The Origins

Tenuta Di MonteChiaro


The Montechiaro' s villa was built in XVII century by Bianchi Bandinelli' s family and later the Griccioli's family acquired it thanks to the motherly branch. The building has an imposing dimension: the front, which overlooks the big garden, is composed of two floors decorated with frames. In the middle of the front is located the main door, set within a semicircular arch. The building conserved the same appearance from the age of Romagnoli, who painted the villa with the garden and the adjacent grove. The estate also has a small neo-classical chapel. The front of the building is defined by a tympanum and columns.


Alessandro Griccioli

Wine producer & sommelier




winemaker, chef, photographer

family business


As a passionate wine producer, chef, qualified Sommelier (Wset, Ais), and photographer, Alessandro opens the doors of the 'family owned' Small Boutique Organic Winery in Chianti. Since 2005 he implemented a general modernisation of the traditional company structures and established the new brand Montechiaro ANNO DOMINI 345.


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