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Wedding at Montechiaro

Get-Togethers for Family and Friends

MonteChiaro offers an idyllic setting for bringing together family and friends to celebrate special occasions. Whether you're renewing your wedding vows, commemorating a wedding anniversary, or hosting a beautiful wedding, our venue is the perfect choice. Arrange a family reunion and plan diverse activities and themed lunches and dinners in the serene ambiance of our Villa Torre.

These intimate events unfold at Villa Torre, where you can enjoy an evening aperitif, followed by a candle-lit dinner beneath the Tower, surrounded by olive groves, overlooking vineyards. The proximity of the surrounding villas ensures that all attendees can easily access the beauty of our estate, creating a seamless and memorable experience.
Count on our extensive experience and knowledge to connect you with the best suppliers. We can provide evidence of the quality of the services we offer, ensuring you make the most of your time without any unnecessary hassles.

The primary conditions for hosting your event at Montechiaro are outlined below:
   •    Events are limited to a maximum of 50 guests
   •    All neighboring Villas (Capanna, Bandita, and Banditina) must be rented
   •    A minimum 3-night stay is required, with check-out two days after the event.
   •    Music is allowed until midnight
   •    It is a requirement that only our exceptional Monte Chiaro wines are used at the event

For inquiries about availability or additional information regarding hosting your special event at our estate, please reach out to Laura, our Hospitality Manager at

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