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Truffle Experience


Truffle hunting between Monte Chiaro woods!

Make way for truffles as Tuscany and our renowned Monte Chiaro Estate are just as celebrated for these delectable treasures as they are for wine. Engage in a once-in-a-lifetime truffle-hunting experience amidst the Chianti woods. If you're a truffle enthusiast, this is an opportunity not to be missed! 
Accompanied by a truffle-hunting dog, you and your guide will unravel the intricate secrets of truffles, gaining insights into their growing environment, biological cycles, and the art of training a truffle-hunting dog.
Follow your four-legged expert as it sniffs its way through the forest, creating an exhilarating rush when stumbling upon these edible treasures!
After unearthing the truffles, you can also choose to immerse yourself in the art of crafting a gourmet meal with these culinary gems or savor in one prepared for you, all paired with our Monte Chiaro wines

Select your preferred truffle experience below!
For detailed information, we recommend reaching out to us at to:
- Set the starting time, taking into account weather and temperatures.
- Organize convenient transportation for your needs.
- Customize experiences to accommodate children under the drinking age.
- Receive details on suitable clothing, including pants and rain boots.
- Communicate any food intolerances or allergies for a personalized experience.

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