Extra Virgin

Olive Oil

2000 olive trees grow at Montechiaro; the most profused variety is the Coreggiolo, which renders a very sweet, creamy and buttery olive oil. Other varieties include Leccino, Felciaio and Moraiolo which lend the balance that creates the full-bodied flavor of the best Tuscan extra virgin olive oils. These olives are harvested by hand between the months of November and December when they are still slighly inder-ripe. 


Blend of  local olives

2OOO olive trees

vintage oil



Organic Pasta

Pici & Tagliatelle




typical local pasta

grown locally and organically

Our pasta are homemade with organic and local flour and eggs. As a typical pasta of Siena, we grow organically our wheat to produce the first pasta of MonteChiaro! The Pici is a type of big spaghetti that goes perfectly with a ragout or meat sauce. The Tagliatelle, more famous pasta, is a flat and large pasta that goes perfectly with pesto sauce or tomato sauce. The bags of 5OOg can feed easily 4-5 people. Depend on the appetite!


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