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The name of this legendary wine derives from the term Xantos, which refers to the renowned golden Passito wine from Santorini Island. This exceptional dessert wine is the product of carefully selected Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes, harvested late in the season and then dried in the cellar to support the lengthy aging process. Through oxidation, Vinsanto gains an incredible complexity, a wide-ranging bouquet, and a perfect balance between sweetness and freshness.



GRAPE VARIETY: Trebbiano 60%, Malvasia bianca 40%.

SOIL: Clay-limestone and sedimentary sand with marine fossils and shells.



Manual picking of the best grapes in baskets, selecting first the Trebbiano for acidity and then the white Malvasia which gives the sugar content. Withering a ventilated Vinsantaia for 90 days. Soft pressing and fermentation in small chestnut casks with a "mother" of indigenous yeasts. Aging continues naturally for 3/4 years.



Color: Bright amber color with golden reflections.

Aromas: Intense and complex aroma, with hints of fig and date jam, toasted almonds, candied apricot, and honey.

Taste: The palate is perfectly balanced, showing freshness, residual sugar, and tasty finish. An immortal bottle with great harmony and very long persistence.

Serving Temperature: 16 ° C



It typically pairs well with traditional Sienese desserts (Cantucci, Ricciarelli, and Pan Forte) but also with blue cheeses, chocolate, zabaglione, and Catalan cream. History also matches it with the Tuscan liver paté.

Anno Domini'345 Vin Santo

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