Thermal Protection For Your Wine During Shipments, THE THERMAL BLANKET IS FOR 12 BOTTLES.


After a long day at work, there’s nothing quite like opening a bottle of wine to relax for the rest of the night. Whether you prefer Chianti or Arteliquida White, having a quality bottle of wine makes all the difference to an avid drinker. These wine connoisseurs place a significant emphasis on the overall quality and appearance of the bottles that they praise. However, even the finest of wines can quickly diminish in quality if they are not packaged properly during transport. Temperature shifts during the sweltering summer heat and bitter cold can jeopardize your product. 


Factors To Consider When Shipping Wine

There are plenty of temperature factors to consider when shipping your wine pallets across the country. Wine temperatures cannot fluctuate. Keeping the temperature of the wine pallet within five degrees will ensure that your product will remain at its best quality. Overall, wine must be kept at a temperature between 55-65 degrees. Failure to do so can spoil the product over time due to the excessive heat. The quality of the wine can also deteriate if the bottles are exposed to light and especially sunlight.


Our Thermal Blanket will ensure that your wine products are kept at the proper temperatures, and will be packed in a cool and dark environment, allowing for maximum freshness and quality.


Thermal Blanket / Coperta termica - 12 BOTTLES

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